Saturday, June 26, 2010

Felt flowers

For 4th of July weekend, I am meeting my sister(Henna) and her family. We both have been so looking forward to this trip. Originally we were to meet at Pensacola Beach, but the BP oil spill forced us to change the plan at the last minute. It's so heartbreaking to see the pristine beaches of Gulf drenched in oil. Really very sad. We waited till the last minute for cancelling our bookings, hoping that Pensacola would be spared, but last week I woke up to the dreadful news that Pensacola beach was shut down because the it was drenched in oil. So we frantically started looking for another destination, and finalised on Hilton Head. Gulf, maybe next time, but what bothers me is when that next time would be, to see those beaches in its original pretty state... it could be months, years or decades..

So anyway, I plan to give my sis her wedding + 1st anniversary combined gift. I know very lousy of me to wait this long. Now that the gift has been ordered, I am excited on how to pack it. Looked at my stash of crafty stuff and decided on making a felt flower.

Stuff needed:
  • 2 felt sheets of different colors : I used the eco-fi felt from Hobby Lobby/Walmart
  • sewing needle and thread
  • wool/ribbon to wrap
  • sharp scissors
  • cardboard or paper for template

As my sis is all about pink( yes still), so I chose the only pink felt color I had. Not the baby pink which she would have preferred. Made a template from a cardboard for 3 sizes.

Now cut the felt in 3 different flower sizes using the above template. Now sew all 3 layers together. For the center, either put a real felt ball, or make one by stuffing a small piece of felt with shreds of felt, and sewing it into a round ball.

And the flower is ready. I decided to use it in 2 ways.. One, on the gift that I was wrapping for my sister, and other, attached it on the hairpin to make a clip:-)

Please excuse the crumpled look of brown paper. That was all I had at the time.

I made another identical flower in red, for my hairpin. Thats me and my sister with our felt flower hairpins.

Happy Crafting.


Yamini Kaur said...

Lovely.. the flowers are beautiful, but the thought is so much more beautiful !! Love you both!! Have fun !!!

Nitika said...

Such a pretty pic of the two of you! Great Job with the flowers, Tania.

Tania Tangri said...

Thank you Didi..
Thanks Nitika..

Yamini Kaur said...

Ananya wants to know why didn't you post a video of making it.. and she wants one too. Come to think of it, we all want one each, 3 for us girls :)

Tania Tangri said...

Ha ha ha.. I didn't make a video.. Yes, I will surely make one for everyone.. What color she wants? I am sure it will be pink.

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