Friday, August 6, 2010

Big Boy Room Planning

Last couple of weeks have been so busy. We are setting up Kabir's Big Boy room(Jungle/Animal theme), and thats all I have on my mind these days. We are converting our 2nd floor kitchen into his bedroom. The renovation and painting is complete, and this is how it looks now. I wish I had some before pictures to show. 

It had to be blue and green, as those are Kabir's favourite colors. Went with yellow for one wall and roof, to brighten up the room. Though these days he has developed a liking for orange as well. So planning to incorporate that color in the form of fabric appliques on wall.

Initially, this was to be a sunroom, and so we put in 4 huge windows, and somewhere in the middle of renovation, Rohit and I decided to make it Kabir's room. Now, I have to make black out shades for total of 6 windows.I am super excited to make these shades. That deserves a whole new post, but for now, here is the fabric. It has been finalised after much research by Kabir's Mom, Maseeji and Kabir's Dad (names in the order of involvment in choosing fabric) 

Kabir's Big Boy bed would be arriving soon, but he won't be able to use the room without shades. It has to be pitch black in his room while he sleeps. The only thing between me and shade making is the sewing machine, which I ordered couple of weeks back, and has still not arrived. Hoping it to come by tomorrow so I can make couple of shades this weekend. So hopefully, my next post would be of a ready product and not just ideas:-)


Yamini Kaur said...

Has your sewing machine arrived ?

Tania Tangri said...

Yes Didi.. I have made 1 shade only so far.. its too much work:(

Anu Krishnan said...

this shd be fun...sounds exciting!

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