Saturday, April 9, 2011

Banners for Heartland Music Together

Here are the banners on which I have been working on since last couple of weeks. These are for the 6th Anniversary Party of Heartland Music Together. My son, Kabir, loves these music classes, so these banners were the least I could do for them, Miriam, at the center was very kind to leave it upto me to design the banners. So for the main party room, I made this banner. 

Another look at it..

For this 2nd banner below(my favourite), I made a bunting style, vintage banner for the first time. It says '6 years of music'. To create a distressed look, I burnt the edges of the banner with candle flame.   As it was for a music party, I choose a cardstock with musical notes on it. 

For decorating, on top of cardstock,  I added a piece of satin circle, which was also burnt around the edges to give it a finished look. I love the way satin curls up on heat. And behind the satin, I added crepe paper with its edges trimmed with lace edge cutter. For the corner pieces, I added some buttons to brighten things up.

Here's another look at this banner from a different angle. It was very difficult to take a good picture of this banner, as satin reflected a lot of light. 

A close up of the corner piece.

For various entrances, I made 3 'Welcome' signs. I used one of Heartland Music Together's brochures' for the background.  

Another 'Welcome' banner with extra decorations on the corner pieces.

A close up.

To tie all the pieces of Welcome banners, I used hemp string which can be found at any craft store.

Thanks to Heartland Music Together group for giving me an opportunity to make these banners.

Happy Crafting!


Yamini Kaur said...

Really nice work Tania.. !!

Tania Tangri said...

Thank You Didi..

Anuja Krishnan said...

wow!! awesome Tania, love the "distress" idea. Here's wishing you many more such projects....you sure rock girl and are super hyper creative :)

Tania Tangri said...

Thanks for all your wishes Anu..

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