Sunday, June 12, 2011

Celebrating 6th Wedding Anniversary

Its hard to believe that its already 6 years since my hubby and I tied the knot. Time passes quickly, very quickly indeed. But someone once said, when you are happy and having fun in a relationship, you don't realize how fast you jump from one anniversary to next.

We didn't do much for the day, but I did bake a red velvet cake. Followed the recipe I posted earlier.

Here's the cake right out of oven.

I wrote little notes for my husband and hid them in the cake.

Cake with the crumb coat on. Definite must on a red velvet cake.

With final coat of icing and the fondant ruffle flower on top. Here's the tutorial from Call me Cupcake for these flowers. I didn't do a very good job  on it. I guess I need lot more practice.

 After cake cutting

Looking forward to many more anniversaries with my dear husband.


Nitika said...

Congrats again, Tania & Rohit! You two truly deserve each other :-)

On a side note, Tania - it is very hard to find the place to leave comments on your blog. You should make the font bold on 'Comments' or put it in a separate line to make it easy for us.

Henna Tangri said...

Congratulations!! Shishter and Zezazi....Cake looks awesome and you write so so beautifully :)

Kayleigh said...

how do the little notes work.... weren't you worried he would eat them!?

Tania Tangri said...

@Nitika: Thanks much. Let me see if I can move the 'comments' tab around.

@Henna: Thank you motti.

@Kayleigh: The little notes worked just fine. I was careful until he found the first note, after which I told him to look out for 2 more. :-)

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