Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday cake for my dear sister

Its was my sister Henna's birthday a week back. How I wished I was with her then. I couldn't be, but I still wanted to celebrate. So, as for all birthday's, I decided to make a cake: her favourite chocolate cake with chocolate mousse icing. Some candles on it and we had a Birthday celebration. Kabir was so fascinated with the lighted candles and watching his Maseete(thats what he calls his Maseeji) on Skype, and all of us singing the Birthday song. All he could say was 'Fire Fire' in his excitement. He always smiles up seeing Henna and Saurabh on skype.

Love to my dear Sis..

Friday, July 16, 2010

Camera Case

Couple of weeks back, I made this camera case for my sister, just was too lazy to post about it earlier. I like how it has turned out though. Rohit likes it so much, that he now wants me to make one for us too. Its made out of craft felt and has some foam padding to cushion the camera. On the back side, there is a wool loop which hooks on to the button, to secure the camera.

The final camera case measures: 3 3/4 * 2 3/4 * 1.25
Stuff needed:                                                                                                                            
  • Felt in 2 contrasting colors. I used orange and brown.
  • Black felt
  • 4 matching buttons of different sizes
  • Regular thread/wool/crochet thread
  • Needle
  • Scale
  • Sharp Scissors
How To: 
Step 1: Find your camera's measurements and accordingly cut 2 types of strips. The camera I was making it for is: 3.6 *2.2 * 1. So I cut 2 broad strips(brown & orange placed together) 10 inches long and 3 inches wide. Brown strip would make the outside, and orange the inside of the body of case.
Cut 4 thin strips of orange felt which are 1.5 inches wide and 4 inches in length. This would be the sides of case.

Step 2: Now lets make decorations.

To make the center circle deco, cut orange circle the biggest size, and black the smallest. Use any printed fabric for the center circle. I cut out sleeves of an old shirt in the pile of discarded clothes.

Step 3: Sew your largest button in a crisscross fashion using orange thread*, to the black circle. Now stitch black circle with button to the printed cloth, and printed cloth to orange circle. For thread, I used a crochet thread. As it was too thick for this purpose, I split it into half, 2 threads with 3 strands each(instead of 6).

Step 4: Its time to attach the deco to the main strip we cut in step 1. But first you need to add the foam padding in between 2 broad strips. I used the thin foam padding which came in any packing box. Once you cut the foam of same size as the strip, place it between the brown and orange strip, with brown felt facing up. Sew the circle deco to the strip. You are basically sewing the orange circle to the strip. Position it the way you want. You can add whatever decorations you want to at this time.

Step 5: Its time to start closing it in. But before that, mark the points from which to start attaching the sides, as below.

Step 6: Take the 2 (out of 4) orange strips cut in Step 2. This will be our one side. I am using double strips on each side just to give it enough padding. Using blanket stitch, start attaching the orange felt on the side to the brown strip as below:

From the Right side of brown strip(as shown in picture above), start attaching orange strip from Line 2, rounding between Line 3 and line 4, and going all the way up to Line 5. Here the orange strip is complete, but keep going horizontally on Line 5, to make a nice edging, until you reach the other side of Line 5.


Now you are on the left side of the strip. Pick up the other 2 strips of orange felt and start attaching it from Line 5, straight until Line 4. Round it up between Line 4 and Line 3, and then straight until Line 2. Now your orange strip is complete, but keep going on with the blanket stitch until Line 0. Keep stitching horizontally on Line 0 until you reach side Right. Stitch vertically from Line 0 to Line 2, until you reach the point where you started.
Now stitch horizontally both the edges of side orange strip with the blanket stitch.

Here is how the front and back looks:

Happy Crafting!

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