Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ice Cream Party

We all scream for Ice Cream!

We hosted an ice cream party for Kabir and his friends, this past weekend. I was so excited that we could have an outside party for a change. Weather God took mercy on us and decided to keep the temperatures in bearable limits. All the kids had a blast.  The small pools and the water slide made it even more fun.

This is the invitation which I sent out to all of Kabir's friends, a week before the party. Almost everyone turned up.

Even though it was just an Ice Cream party, I could not resist baking a cake. I got inspiration for this cake from Onecharmingparty

I made this general sign a while back with chalk paper on it. Depending on the theme of the party,  I can change the message on it. For writing on it, I prefer Chalk Ink pens which I got from Michaels.

Along with 5 flavor of ice creams, there were lots of stuff for the toppings. Sixlets, marshmallows, shaved coconut, dark chocolate chips, peanut chocolate chips, maraschino cherries, chocolate and strawberry syrup, whipped cream and tons of fruits.

 I also took out my chocolate fountain after a long time. There were fruits and marshmallows that kids could dip in it.

There were different types of cones and cups to choose from.

 I made Melonade drink for the kids. I got the idea for it from jessicaNdesigns. It was simple Lemonade with lots of chunks of watermelon in it.

For the adults, I made Italian Soda in Mango and Peach flavors.  It was a big hit. I think this is going to be a staple drink in all our next parties. I served it in Mason Jars.

Here's the recipe of Italian Soda I used from JessicaNDesigns:
          • Fill the bottom of Mason Jar with Ice
          • Add 1/4th cup Torani Syrup
          • Add the jar with sparkling Mineral water
          • Top with Redi Whip & add a straw
 I wanted to share the printables I designed for this party, but I need to find a good format to load it up in. Working on it. In the mean time, here are the pictures of kids having fun at the party.

That's my little one enjoying his share of Ice Cream

Some of the kids gathered together for the cake cutting. Many preferred to stay in water :-)

Looking forward to hosting another one next Summer.

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