Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mother's Day Clay Necklace

Mother's Day is almost here. Although, I think mothers should not just be celebrated once an year. They deserved to be thanked every day for their unconditional love and support. Being a mom has made me realize what a tough job it is, and thus my appreciation for my own mother increases by multiple folds with each passing day.

Since our cross country move, my son has been asking me to do a class project at his new school. So, we decided to make something little for mother's day. An year or so back, my son had brought home salt dough pendant necklace for mother's day, and I had totally loved it. I decided to do the same. But instead of salt dough, we used clay from the craft store(Sculpey brand).

I let kids knead and roll their own clay, so the shapes are not perfect, but that adds to its charm. The chose a flower or a leaf to make an impression on the clay, and their reactions when they removed the leaf were worth watching. After baking as per the instructions, I took it back for kids to paint these. 

On the back, we stamped the word 'love'.

Did a small fingerprint pendant as well.

Some chose to make a heart instead. This one is my favorite.

After the paint dried up, we put it all through a leather string. We are ready to ship ours to grandmothers in India. Hopefully, these will reach in time.

Happy Mother'd Day!

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