Saturday, July 28, 2012

Canvas Tepee Tent

Last couple of months I completed many projects, but haven't posted them. I wanted to do so much before our little one arrived, and was able to complete most of it. So now, I just need to find some time to post regularly.

The tepee tent was a long pending project for my son. I had seen a design on this site, but by the time I got to making it, I came across another no-sew design here, that I opted for it, especially when I had canvas roll handy.

I had already bought the PVC pipes as per the first design, so used those instead of bamboo. To hide the marking on the pipes, I painted it with acrylic paint. But, whenever these pipes rubs against each other, the paint scrapes off.

I was most attracted to the blank canvas and options of decorating it. Kabir wanted dinosaurs and dragons on it. Somehow I managed to persuade him to paint just the dinosaurs. I used the stencils I had, and Kabir helped paint each dinosaur all around the bottom, and few pteranodons flying at the top.

Painted Kabir's handprints on each side of the door. And then put it up as per the directions, and was ready for play.

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