Monday, August 12, 2013

Rakhi Tutorial

Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan, an Indian festival is just around the corner. This festival celebrates the strong bond between a brother and a sister, wherein the sister ties rakhi(thread) on her brothers' and cousins' wrist, and the brothers in return vow to protect and take care of their sisters lifelong. I am lucky to have all my brother and cousins to share this occasion with.  

This year, on my mother's encouragement, I decided to make my own Rakhis. Here in US there anyway is not much variety to choose from. This year, even Maya had to tie/send Rakhis to her brother and cousins. The rakhis offered here were too simple for kids. All the more reason to make own Rakhis.

While my Mom was visiting us few months ago, she bought embroidery/cross stitch thread(in 3 colors) for me for this purpose. So thoughtful of her.

For a 12 inch long Rakhi, I cut four 15 inch long thread of same color. Did the same with other 2 colors.

Tied all the 3 colors together to make a braid.

Made the braid, and knotted the other end, and cut the edges to even length. I know the threads pic above does not match with the braid below. Atleast I have a pic :)  

For my brother and cousins, I sent these simple braided threads. But for little ones, these are too plain. So, added the embellishment with some hot glue. I got some 3D stickers like Guitar and Panda. 

Finished by adding a small piece of felt on the back side with hot glue.

Also made some with Ganesha charms.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to my dearest brother and cousins. 

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