Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Barney Party Ideas

Just this morning, I was asked some ideas about a Barney Birthday party. That got me thinking if it really would be that hard to pull off a purple party. I searched on the web, and I did not find anything interesting on it. So, I composed a list of the stuff and decorations that I would incorporate if I was hosting a Barney party. I have included a list of sellers for everything featured here.

Burlap Banner by ExpressionsInDesign.
Cake and cupcakes by Pearly Cakes
Cup cake wrappers & Candy cones by iecreations.
Polka Dot Balloons, Paper plates and Napkins form Plates and Napkins.
Bunting by BlueMoonStudios.

Ruffled Crepe paper from TheRedRobin
Paper garland by InkWhimsy
Tissue Pom pom by PomLove shop

Mini Pom pom by MissPropShop 
Felt Crown hat from Stell and Livi
Rustic Decor Balls by RusticWeddingStyle.
Birthday Banner by PartyTreats.
Purple polka dot paper straws from Isakay Boutique.
Burlap favor bags are from the White Thistle Bridal

I hope parents of Barney fans find it helpful.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cute As a Button Baby Shower Cake

This weekend, I made a 'Buttons' Cake for Baby Shower of a very good friend of mine.  The theme was mainly 'Blue', so instead of doing a simple Blue colored cake, I decided to go with a gray cake, with blue buttons on top.  I got this idea from this most adorable birthday party covered here.

The buttons are made out of fondant, with 3 shades of Blues

For the cake topper, I sew the fondant buttons on a blue thread, just like you would a normal Button.

Here's the room with some decorations.

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for..

All the best wishes to would-be new parents

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Celebrating 6th Wedding Anniversary

Its hard to believe that its already 6 years since my hubby and I tied the knot. Time passes quickly, very quickly indeed. But someone once said, when you are happy and having fun in a relationship, you don't realize how fast you jump from one anniversary to next.

We didn't do much for the day, but I did bake a red velvet cake. Followed the recipe I posted earlier.

Here's the cake right out of oven.

I wrote little notes for my husband and hid them in the cake.

Cake with the crumb coat on. Definite must on a red velvet cake.

With final coat of icing and the fondant ruffle flower on top. Here's the tutorial from Call me Cupcake for these flowers. I didn't do a very good job  on it. I guess I need lot more practice.

 After cake cutting

Looking forward to many more anniversaries with my dear husband.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Teacher's Appreciation Week

As all know, I just need an opportunity to go gaga over the teacher's at Kabir's daycare/preschool HCM. Just love them. And with Teacher's Appreciation week in May, I wanted to do something special. We missed the actual week as our family was out in Florida vacationing. But I made it up for it last week.

I made a handmade gift for Kabir's 4 teachers, for each day of the week.

Monday: Flower Pot

I got 2 types of plants and mixed it together in 4 different pots, one for each teacher. And the sign with 'Thanks for helping Kabir bloom' was my favourite. I got this idea from skiptomylou. She also has an editable pdf to download the printable.

Tuesday: Cupcakes in a Mason Jar

Isint this cute! I could'nt find any box big and cute enough that I could use to pack atleast 3 cupcakes. Then I saw a mason jar on my window sil and deicded to use that instead. Layered 3 cupcakes with a generous dollop of icing in between each layer. Used a burlap cloth in between the lid which gave it an earthy touch. Green spoon(to match the icing) and a 'Thank You' tag, and that was it. Loved the outcome.

Wednesday: Magnet Clothespin

I got a pack of simple clothespin from dollarstore and made these 4 sets of 5 embelished magnets from it. Teacher's can use these to hold class drawings, notes, pictures..Each clothes pin has a thick magnetic strip on the back. I made few for myself with a mounting tape on the back, as we have a stainless steel refrigerator. I followed the turorial here to make these adorable magnets. 

Also added along was a 'Thank You' card, colored by Kabir and put together by his Mommy.

Thursday : Rye Berry Grass

This is a project in which Kabir was actively involved(in watering). We all were quite fascinated by the fast growth of berry(seeds bought from local Organic Store). I got this super neat idea from here. There are instructions to grow wheat grass here. I used rye berry seeds instead of wheat, but followed the same instructions.

For decorating the cups, I used chalkboard contact paper which I ordered from amazon. I can already think of 1000 more ways of using this paper. 

Along with the cup, I packed some more seeds of berry which teachers can grow on their own, with the list of instructions on how to grow, and a note below. I got this wording from here, which has another amazing idea for gifting.

Friday: Personalized Thank You Pic 

I printed off a 'ThankYou' off internet, and had Kabir color it(with lots of help from Mommy). Then, clicked a pic of him with the drawing. That was a hard one as he is all in 'NO' phase, and everytime I asked him to say cheese, he would frown and say 'No cheese'.lol.

Last year, this week was just before I had started blogging,but I would still like to post one of the gifts I made for the teachers then. I had printed the letters of 'Thank You' on a plain paper, and cut and pasted them on white paper plates. I took a picture of each kid holding a different letter. As kids were really small to stand all together, I took pics of them individually and then later merged them all together. Got it printed on a photo paper and the card was ready from the class.

I wish I could do something like this, this year as well, but some kids from the class were transitioning to the next class. So, I settled with just Kabir's pic.

There are not enough words or gifts with which I can thank the teachers who put in their heart and soul for this job. Its because of great teachers and caregivers like these, that I can afford to leave my kid without any worry and go to work each morning.

Heart felt thanks to all the Teacher's out there...
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