Saturday, November 6, 2010


Shubh Deepawali(Happy Diwali) to All. After many years, this Diwali, I am in India with my parents. This is one festival when I miss not being in India the most. But this time, I am not visiting India on a family vacation. It was a last minute trip as my Mom was not well. Had to leave my son Kabir behind with my husband. I did not think it was a good idea to bring him here as my mom was in hospital, and I would'nt have been able to help my Mom as much. Mom is now home and is recovering from something which is still a mystery.

So it was a low key Diwali celebration. I missed Kabir and Rohit terribly, but at the same time, was glad to be with my parents after a very long time. Went out for Diwali shopping and was very surprised. Things have changed dramatically since I left India. I did not see even a single home which had lit candles or diyas. It was electric(mostly chinese) lights all around. I missed those days when we would take the effort of putting together each diya,and find ways of putting it on ledges and hard to reach areas.

Regular 'mitti' (clay) diyas were replaced by fancy colored clay diyas. I hoarded these in as many colors and quantity I thought I could take back to US for next Diwali. At the top is a picture of a lighted diya in green. Oh, did I mention carved diyas? They were pretty.

Finally got proper Rangoli colors to make Rangoli after years. In US, I could only lay my hands on Holi colors which are not that much fun to use. I saw Rangoli kits being sold which had a 'sancha' or a cutout to make Rangoli designs. For me, that would have taken away the fun of it all. So, my not so round Rangoli drawn free hand below:

As I sit here typing late in the night, listening to crackers bursting all around, I am almost waiting when it would be quiet again. But I know I would miss this noise next Diwali, when my heart would yearn to hear just one cracker burst, so it would feel like Diwali.

Happy Diwali!
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