Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend Project: Hemp Lamp

This is my first post on my blog. And I hope I will be good at posting stuff on it regularly.

Well, this past weekend, I decided to make something to replace an ugly lamp we have in a corner of our home. Actually I was searching for something to buy, but then came across hemp/string lamps, and thought why not make one. On searching quite a bit, I came across one tutorial which was just perfect : http://www.craftynest.com/2009/03/hemp-pendant-lamps/

I had most of the stuff needed at home, except for hemp string and glue. One trip at Michaels and all was done. Used my son's bounce ball. I need to replace it soon, before he realizes its missing.

So anyway, on Sunday, when Kabir was taking his afternoon nap, I started on my project. Managed to finish wrapping the ball with string just in time. Had to leave the ball for drying for 48 hours, and it was not until yesterday that I was ready to deflate the ball. Oh, that was the best part. Seeing the hemp strings set in place while the ball deflated was cool. Pulled one of my old lamp fixtures to use it with this lamp, and its ready for installing.

Now, waiting for Rohit to hang it in the corner, I made it for.


Henna Tangri said...

Wow !!!! This looks so beautiful... I think this is one of the most interesting hand made lamps I have ever seen..

Yamini Kaur said...

I want to make one too.. it is just soo beautiful. Great job Tania.

And congrats on your blog. Do write about your Fondue cake.. I want to learn how to make it :)

Divya said...

Tania, lovely to see how you are doing what we all keep on thinking of doing..;-)
Lovely lamp... and no words to describe the cake.....
Keep it up!!

Tania Tangri said...

Thanks Henu.
Thanks MIni Didi.. I did exactly what you asked, in my next post.
Thanks Divya Didi.. you all always have such encouraging words.

Annu said...

Tania, the lamp is beautiful, and the cake is very appealing and am sure is delicious too. Great job, keep going, and keep us posted.

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