Monday, August 15, 2011

Rainbow Cake

I can already feel the cool breeze in the air and a sinking feeling that summer is almost over. But I could not have asked for a better summer time. With my Mom, brother and sister visiting us, we had an amazing time with many special moments. One such moment was a small celebration for my sister's birthday long after it was over :-)
It all started with our family trip to Niagara where we spotted a rainbow at every corner. So Kabir was all about rainbows for a while after that. I promised Kabir that I would bake a Rainbow cake on the next occasion. So once we reached home, I decided to have a belated birthday celebration for my sister with a Rainbow cake.

I started with a regular vanilla cake batter and divided it equally into 6 bowls using a measuring scale. This took so much longer than expected.

 Then started the coloring process. Kabir choose the colors for each bowl. After choosing each color, he sang the Birthday song for his Masee(aunt) while I mixed the color to batter. And then we both moved onto the next bowl, new color and same song.

And batter goes into the baking pans..

All the 6 layers baked and ready to be assembled..

Cake with whipped cream icing. After icing between all the 6 layers, I was out of icing and was lazy to make another batch. So, skipped icing the sides. But I think it looked ok..

Super excited birthday girl - Henna(or should I say Kabir). Kabir was jumping with excitement as he wanted to blow the candle and cut the cake. Henna can be seen physically restraining Kabir from falling into the cake :-)

And there goes the candle..

Whole family blowing  the candle.. If it wasn't for Henna, Kabir's face would be in the cake.

Finally, a peek into the inside of the cake.

Warmest birthday wishes to the best sister I could ever wish for. Love you!

 "A perfect sister I am not, but thankful for the one I've got"


Henna Tangri said...

You make everything so special Didi....Cake was awesome but best is the way you write so beautifully!! You are the BESTEST sister in the world....

Yamini Kaur said...

Great job Tania !! The photos are so good.. and everyone looks so happy.

One suggestion on dividing the batter equally : I take a ladle and start by pouring one ladle each in every bowl. I keep doing this till they all have equal number of ladles. Sometimes the last ladle is just 1/2 a ladle each. This is much faster and may be a tad bit uneven but you can't tell :)

Anuja Krishnan said...

waoww!! love this Tania...so pretty, colorful and delicious! :)

Nitika said...

I have your blog in my rss feed so I know whatever u post asap. :-) Love this cake...I have been thinking of baking it too but I feel this one is even better:


Have you seen it? What do you think?

Tania Tangri said...

@Henna : Thanks Motti.

@Mini Didi: Thanks. I like the suggestion of dividing the batter using a ladle. It was very tedious with measuring scale...

@Anu:Thanks Anu

@Nitika:Yeah I saw the cake in the link above some time back. Its cute. I wanted separate layers this time. But will like to try out the one in above link as well. Let me know if you make it.

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