Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reversible Super Hero Cape

There goes my superhero..

My boy is into superheroes, just like any other boy his age. I often found him wearing a blanket or my shawl as a cape around his neck while acting to be a superhero. So, I thought he deserved a cape, especially, after he patiently witnessed me making many dresses for his soon to arrive baby sister, last month.  

I decided to make a reversible cape, with Batman on one side and Superman on the other.

On looking at various fabric options for the cape: Fleece, Felt and Satin, I found satin best, considering the flow of the material. I followed two tutorials for the cape: the one on Georgia Leigh for the design of appliques and the reversible pattern, and another on come on, ilene one for the shape.

Here is how it turned out:

After one cape, I made another one for Kabir's friend in the neighborhood. Soon came another request for a mask from Kabir. I made a quick one from felt but it didn't turn out that great and was pretty uncomfortable to wear.  In a few days, my Mom was to visit us, and I told Kabir that Nanima(grandma) would make a mask once she was here.  Even before my mom was out of jetlag, she kept my word, and made this amazing mask from foam.

And here is another look...

Happy Sewing!


Divya said...

Tania, AWESOME!! u r.... lotsa love

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