Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sprinkle Baby Mobile

Couple of month's back, when  my sister threw me a Sprinkle baby shower, there was all the cute stuff she made for it, and I really wanted to reuse some of it. She had made these raindrops from cardstock, which hung from the tissue pom poms. Here is a look.

So before I discarded the pom poms, I detached these drops with the hope of making a baby mobile for our new baby girl.

Few days back I came across this mobile on Bugs and Fishes by LupinAnd I knew that I could reuse the drops that my sister made, to make cloud and sprinkle mobile.

I selected the best 4 drop strings for the lower half of mobile.

Here is the pink color cloud I sew from felt.

Here is the final result after attaching the drops to the cloud.

My daughter loves looking at this mobile, and has given some of her best smiles while playing with it.


Nitika said...

Pretty cool, Tania! I remember when Henna told me about these I totally cracked up visualizing it...they turned out to be quite nice in reality!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for posting on my blog about this, Tania! It's so nice to see what you've used my tutorial for - those sparkly raindrops are very cool :)

Best wishes & happy crafting, Lupin x

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