Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Super Hero Birthday Party

This last year, all my son wanted was to turn 4. For him, 4 is a super big age that would enable him to do so much more and he would be powerful like his favorite super heroes. Like any kid his age, he is totally into super heroes, and can spend whole day in a character, talking and enacting like one. So, it was not a surprise that he wanted a super hero birthday party. Well, I really did not think I could pull this off with so much going on at our home, but with my Mom's help it was a success and kids had lots of fun.

Super Hero Invitations
Here is a look at the invitations. I took the batman comic image for the background and added the details with some splash of color. 

Here is my Batman just hours before the party waiting for his friends and the party to start.

Cake Table
Along with cake and cupcakes, there was jelly, cotton candy, chocolate dipped strawberries and a small candy buffet. For the backdrop, I used empty boxes wrapped in black paper to make buildings, with yellow windows from post its.

Super Hero Cupcakes
For kids, I made Kabir's favourite chocolate cupcakes topped with super hero fondant toppers. I ordered these fondants from CupCakesCentral on etsy.

Batman Cake
Kabir asked my mom for a Fruit and Nut cake for his birthday, and that is what she made. Watching her make this cake made me realize how slow I am in baking(and kitchen overall). She left the icing and decoration to me. For the color of icing, I tried the color spray for the first time, and liked the result. Not sure how much color it would have needed to get that dark color otherwise. So, spray was a good option. Finally, added the fondant buildings and batman logo.

Banner closeup
This party was all about reusing all my older party stuff. I reused this burlap banner from Kabir's Dino party and just changed the age from 3 to 4.

Superhero Suckers with felt capes.

Cotton Candy Cones
These cones are made out of prints of comic page off internet. This was a super easy project.

The boxes for candy cones, and pops were thermocol packing material covered in super hero comic pages. Our local comic shop normally gives out free sample comics with every purchase. I used these free comics for decoration.

Kryptonite Jelly

Juice Boxes wrapped in Spider Man comic pages

Chocolate dipped Strawberries

Candy Buffet

Framed Comic covers

Super Hero Capes
These are no-sew capes from felt and were super easy to make.  

A teeny tiny cape my Mom sew for my baby daughter. Kabir insisted that she needed to dress up for the occasion as well.

Super Hero Masks
Foam masks matching with cape for each kid.

Super Hero Wrist Cuffs

Coloring sheet for kids 
I drew the skyline and some logos on the rolling sheet. This kept the kids busy until all the kids had arrived to start the games. I got this idea from another super hero party online. Its still on our wall, and Kabir likes to color it on and off.

Goodie Bags
Ordered these bags from amazon. Filled it up with super hero mugs, 3D notepads and some candy. It was big enough for kids to stuff their capes in it as well. Hopefully, these bags will last over multiple uses.

Kabir had asked me multiple times that he wanted to play lots of games at his party. So, I planned for few. He also had mentioned that he did not want a pinata as he did not like the idea of breaking it. We had a meltdown at his last party after his dinosaur pinata broke down. It is still lying in our store with its head taped back on :-)
Game #1 : Punching Game
So, in place of pinata, we played this punching game which I saw on pinterest. On the back of each punch hole was a super hero cup in a brown bag. I mixed the hot potato game with it. Each kid that was eliminated, got a chance to punch and claim their gift.

Game #2 : Super Hero vs Villains
The kids were divided in 2 teams of super heroes and villains. As per the game, all the super heroes were to get silly string can each, and they had to spray the villains. But when I looked at the unhappy faces of the kids in the villain line, the plan quickly changed and even the villains were handed out the silly string can, and kids ran around spraying each other.

Game #3: Tying the Villains
Again kids were divided into 2 teams, and each was allocated one villain each. They had to tie the villain with the toilet paper. By the end of this game, kids went totally crazy with the toilet rolls, and our yard was filled with it :-)

                                                        Game # 4: Knock the Buildings.   
The buildings made for the cake table were reused to play the bowling game. The buildings were stacked together and kids had to bowl and knock them over with a kids basket ball.

A Super Happy Birthday to my dearest son who is so proud to be 4 these days. 


Henna Tangri said...

Awesome party once again sister! proud of you seriously....from next year you will have to do girly stuff too..waiting to see that :-D

Yamini Kaur said...

Loved the whole theme and how detailed your planning was !! Awesome awesome party for an awesome kiddo !!

Annu said...

Awesome party Tania! I am sure kids had a blast being a super hero. Your creativity is amazing!

Unknown said...

Your party plan is wonderful for kids. Watch my birthday party video event planner in fort lauderdale. I hope it’s not less enjoyable than yours.

Altin Sundberg

Anonymous said...

Silly question but how much felt/fabric did you end up using for your capes?

Unknown said...

Think back to your childhood and remember the amazing woman that flew through the sky sporting.

Anonymous said...

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Ashley said...

Your party looks incredible! Wonderful ideas and it all came together so nicely. Thanks for sharing and giving me inspiration for my 5 year old's birthday party!

Unknown said...

where did you get the template for the masks for the glasses/centerpieces

Anonymous said...

So creative! Absolutely love everything! Thanks for sharing.

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