Thursday, March 14, 2013

Playful Stripes Cardigan

I have finally managed to finish this stripes cardigan I started for Maya/Inaya, before this winter season ended. So, Maya will get to wear it few times before it gets packed and shipped to my sister for her new baby(Inaya) which is on the way. Its made from a Alana Dakos pattern : Playful Stripes Cardigan

As soon as I started knitting it, and got stuck forever on the picot edge, I realized I would be lucky if I could  finish in time for Maya to wear it even once before the winters were over. But then my sister's baby girl is on the way, and this project quickly turned from just Maya's to Maya/Inaya project. This does not mean that Inaya won't get her share of sweaters knitted just for her. Can't wait to start using more of the pink wool from my stash. 

As soon as I got all the infinite loose threads in and the buttons were sewn, I did not want to waste even a single winter day, and put it on Ms. Maya immediately. She did not want to smile much for the camera that day.

The buttons are from lotsofbuttons website. 

I like the fitting of the sweater. It looked a bit on the smaller side, when I was knitting it. My husband was convinced that Maya won't get to wear it even once because of the size. But it turned out just fine, and I like the fact that it does not have a loose fitting. 

Happy Knitting!


sherin.thomas.m said...

Isnt she the perfect model :) . Lots of XOXO for Maya !

Yamini Kaur said...

Lovely sweater Tania !! Maya/Inaya are so lucky :)

Nitika said...

As if nani wasnt enough, maasi will be knitting sweaters for Inaya too! :-) Great job, Tania. Aise kaam school mein shuru karti to mein bhi kuch banwa leti. :-)

Tania Tangri said...

Sherin: Oh yes she is :)
Mini Didi : Thanks !
Nitika: You crack me up. Btw, I did knit in school days as well, but it always ended as some clothing for Kitty, which even she rejected :)

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