Sunday, July 28, 2013

Block Print Goodie Bags and Table Runners

I am back with a post after ages. I was so busy with all the projects I had undertaken for my daughter’s first birthday, that there was no time to blog. And with 2 kids,  I can either find time to work on my projects or blog about it, but hardly to do both.

I have been recently hooked to Block Printing. I can’t wait for my next visit to India, to pick up plenty of wooden hand crafted blocks. But as that trip won’t be soon, and I have never been known to be patient enough, I ordered few blocks from etsy buyer Amada Jones . There were many other sellers, but I settled with her as she buys blocks from artisans in India at tourist prices instead of low bulk prices.

Here are the stamps I bought:

With these stamps. especially the last stamp on right, I was taken back to the days when my Mom and Maseeji(aunt) used to buy us block print Indian dresses. And there were days when me, my sis or my cousin would unintentionally end up wearing the same dress, and only people’s glares made us realize that we were dressed same.

Initially, I had these huge plans of sewing goodie bags for my daughter’s birthday from muslin cloth(after dyeing it pink) and then doing a block print on it. After just dyeing a test fabric, I realized how time consuming it was going to be. So, I bought ready made linen bags from oriental trading, and used those for dyeing.

For block printing, this is what you would need:
1)      Fabric paint, Rits Dye or Block Printing Dye
2)      Cardboard
3)      Brayer
4)      Fabric to paint on

I used both fabric paint and Dye, and would prefer dye, as its easy to go on the blocks and easy to remove as well. I had a tough time removing the fabric paint off the blocks.

Step 1: Put a cardboard behind or in between the fabric
Step 2: Pour the paint on a cardboard and roll the bryer on the paint.
Step 3: Use the brayer to get the paint on the block
Step 4: Press the block to the fabric with some pressure.

Warning :  It can be addictive.

Once I was done with block printing, for some bags I removed the thread those bags came with, and replaced it with the thin strips from runner fabric. I don't have any picture of those bags. Hopefully, the photographer from the party must have got it.  Not left with any golden print bags either. Those were the first ones to go at the party.

Now Block printing the Runners

My brain must have exploded thinking about some ideas for cost effective runners. After wracking my brain for what seems like eternity, I settled on the crushed panne velvet fabric from Joann’s. I liked its crushed look and thought it would look good all by itself.  But when I dressed it with burlap(which was to be the table cloth), the runners looked too plain to use as is. On top of that, tables at the venue were not wide enough to use the runners length wise. But I had already purchased the fabric, so there was no going back. I decided to use it width wise, 3 per table.  And for dressing up the runners,  the idea of block printing the runners hit me. I was little worried if block printing was doable as the fabric was synthetic. But, the print went on it like that’s what the fabric was made for.

Added a border on both sides.

Some in orange as well.

I can’t wait to make some block print drapes. Maybe I can go back to my canvas drapes, and add this block print to it.. hmmm

Happy Block Printing!


suphiya said...

I enjoyed reading it thoroughly, keep up the good work.

Yamini Kaur said...

Nostalgia... about the same block-print suit :) Loved the post and your enthusiasm to do so much.. even when you don't have the time !! Waiting to see all the other party pix !!

Missing you guys ..

Tania Tangri said...

Thanks for visiting the blog Suphi

Tania Tangri said...

Thanks Mini Didi.. Am waiting for the pics from the photographer as well. Will post it as soon as I have them.

albina N muro said...

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