Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY Halloween Planes(Dusty) Costume

My 5 year old is obsessed with Dusty Crop Duster, from the Planes movie. And that is what he wanted to be this Halloween. I tried my best to change his mind, gave him options of a pilot or something human like, and how it would be difficult to make a planes costume that really looks like one. But he said, 'Mom, you just need to make one out of cardboard and not fabric. It won't be that hard'. I still gave him few more days, showed him pictures of other simple costumes, but no, he would not budge. Well, if that's what he wants.. plus its his birthday month, so I gave in.

I really had to search hard on the internet to find if there was an existing tutorial, and I found this awesome one from Desertchicaramblings. It was quite simple to make. One trip to our basement and I found all that was needed. Thanks to my husband who never throws away any boxes(or anything).

I hope this costume lasts until Halloween. Its in heavy use these days, and its wings are taking a toll.

Its hard to take any pictures of a plane in action, but I tired.

Happy Halloween!


Karen - DCR said...

I am so excited to see someone else making the Dusty costume! I am so glad I could help with my tutorial! Your Dusty costume looks great!

Anonymous said...

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