Friday, May 23, 2014

Knitted Hair Bows

Hands down, knitting these little bows, has to be my favourite project so far. It involves my biggest stress reliever activity : knitting, and especially uncomplicated knitting. I remember from a very young age, I could fill my hours doing nothing but knitting. The end result however wasn't  much, as all I wanted to do was knit straight lines. And if someone asked what I was knitting, I would simply say its something for my pet cat Kitty.

These bows are simpler than what I have ever done. From the scrap yarn, I knit small rectangular pieces(all rows purl), as shown below.

Then pinch it from the center and tie a thread around the middle. As simple as that.

On the back, either glue the clip, or stick it in through the center thread. From experience, glue works better, especially if the bows are worn by kids. As soon as my daughter realizes she has a bow in her hair, she wants to check it out immediately, and so the pulling begins. In such cases, glued clip holds better.

For variety, I tried another set with Seed stitch(R1 : knit one, purl one stitch, R2: purl one , knit one). And for the center, instead of a thread, knit a narrow string in a contrasting color.

Hope you get some ideas from this to use the left over yarn.

Update: I finally got a pic of Miss M modelling with one of the bows.

And soon she realizes that there is a bow in her head, and the pulling starts.

Happy Knitting!


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