Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cozy Ribbed Cowl

Spring is here, but its still cool enough for me to continue working on my knitting projects. This year, so far has been all about knitting. Handmade knitted scarves and blankets make such wonderful gifts.

We moved to a new place last fall and as luck would have it, there is an amazing yarn(Monarch Knitting) place close to my home. All the soft merino makes me drool and I normally end up buying yarn for projects way into future.  So acquiring quite a stash.

So, this cowl was my 4th knitting project this winter. First 3 were gifted without taking any picture. The yarn used is Malabrigo Chunky  and its a simple Ribbed pattern. I found the ribbed pattern on my new favorite knitting site Purl Bee. I modified this pattern slightly to K4, P4 intead of K2 P2, and used different set of needles as per the yarn. 

Happy Knitting!


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